Health Benefits from Drinking Bourbon

Losing weight or living healthier is frequently the number one resolution(s) people make for the New Year. According to sources, bourbon may actually help you achieve those resolutions. Of course if you ask us, bourbon is the elixir of life and the nectar of the gods. But there seems to be some science to back up our belief in this amazing spirit. Bourbon may contain healthful properties that could help you live healthier. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits bourbon could bring, at the right dosage* of course.

Weight Management: Bourbon has no fat, low in carbs and very little sodium. If you are counting calories, switch up your no flavor light beer for a shot of bourbon instead. You’ll get less calories, more flavor and a euphoric punch of hell yes.

Fight Cancer: Bourbon contains a significant amount of ellagic acid, an antioxidant that has the ability to reduce the risk of certain carcinogens from forming. Scientists are still researching the effective amount of ellagic acid so in the meantime, feel free to conduct your own trials with a few bourbon neats every now and then.

Protecting Your Heart: We’ve all heard about the heart healthy benefits of wine and dark beer. But bourbon is also a heart healthy alcohol. With all its antioxidant power and its ability to prevent cholesterol build up in your arteries; bourbon could help reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke.

Battle Common Medical Issues: Researchers have found that people who consume one to two alcoholic drinks (i.e. bourbon) daily could reduce the risk of developing common medical ailments such as Alzheimer’s, dementia, diabetes, blood clots, the common cold and reduce stress.

It seems bourbon’s potential to help prevent illness and disease could help you live a longer, healthier life. *2-3 oz of StillWrights Straight Bourbon Whiskey a day isn’t enough to get you drunk and added to a healthy lifestyle, it is enough to reap these potentially healthy benefits. Now, we aren’t saying bourbon is a fix-all for what ails you. But there does seem to be some rather compelling evidence it might help. Plus it tastes so damn good. As with everything in life, never overindulge – like we always say “Enjoy Responsibly. Enjoy Often.” We also suggest you consult your doctor for more information about your own personal health.

If one of your New Year resolutions was to lose weight or live healthier. StillWrights may just have a delicious addition to your healthy lifestyle. So eat right, exercise, then kick back and enjoy a StillWrights Straight Bourbon Whiskey neat. Here’s to your health!

Sources: Harvard, LiveStrong, Luxury Spot, Organic Facts, Wide Open Country


MVRA Sneak Peek Showcases StillWrights Spiced Rum


Enjoy some of the best restaurants the Miami Valley has to offer at the MVRA Sneak Peek to Winter Restaurant presented by Buckey Vodka. Get tickets for this January 20th event featuring food from area establishments, live music and drinks including a cocktail made with our soon to be world famous StillWrights Spiced Rum. We are very excited to be showcased at this event.

Purchase tickets to the MVRA Sneak Peek now before they run out. Check out their facebook event page. The Sneak Peek makes for a glorious hump day!


Doug Hart Band


Rock out with StillWrights

What does blues rock and spiced rum have in common? Find out this Friday from 9PM–1AM @ Hank’s Pub in Dayton, and check out the Doug Hart Band sponsored by StillWrights Spiced Rum.


Making Stillwrights Award Winning Bourbon

Stillwrights Award Winning Bourbon: It All Starts With Premium Ohio Grains

Bourbon is Whiskey, but not all Whiskey is Bourbon. To be called a Bourbon a few rules from the Government have to be followed.

  • It has to be produced in the United States
  • The grain mixture (or Mash Bill) has to comprise of at least 51% Corn
  • Aged in brand new Charred American White Oak Barrels
  • Distilled at less than 160 proof (to keep the grain like flavor)
  • Barreled at 125 proof or less
  • Put into a bottle at 80 proof of above

So, all that has to be followed to a “T” to make Bourbon. Well, the next question generally is, “how do you make it?”

Well, a lot was going on very quickly in the film. That was essentially a twelve hour work day compressed to two minutes, and only covers about half of the steps to make Bourbon. So we’re going to split up how we make Bourbon in two parts. In this post this week, we’ll talk about how we “cook” Bourbon, and produce our Mash Bill.

To start the day, in the video, you’ll see us put Corn, Wheat, and Malted Barley, and Water in our Pot still.

Corn and Wheat for Bourbon

All three of the grains are ground up until the mixture inside of the pot is almost a soupy like substance. The enzymes in the Malted Barley are released, and start breaking down the carbohydrates stored in the corn. These carbs will be transformed into simple sugars. From there, we take this mixture, or at this point it’s referred to as a mash, and heat it up until it begins to boil. With the heat added, we release more carbohydrates go get broken up later. . You can see that process start about the 1:20 mark in the video. We’ll get to those sugars a bit later, but keep that sugar in your memory.

Once everything is mixed in and ready to go, we pump our mash into our fermenting tanks. This was the large stainless steel “box” sitting next to our pot still with the word “Mash Tank” on it. From here we let the enzymes continue to finish breaking down all the carbs until the only thing in the mash is a bunch of sugar, and parts of the grain that can’t be broken down (the outside of the cork kernel for instance). From here, we need to perform a very important step: Pasteurization. This process involves us directly injecting steam into our fermentation tank. We bring the heat back up again for the last time to make sure that any microorganisms that may have somehow found themselves in our mash are essentially destroyed. From here on out we know we have a clean, pure mash.

From this final bit of heat added, we start cooling the mash down to about 70 degrees Fahrenheit. While we start the cool down, we pull a bit of the mash aside, add just a bit of water, and bring it up to 96.8 degrees Fahrenheit. This is the ideal temperature for our Yeast to grow. At this temperature in an oxygen rich environment (the mash has a ton of air bubbles in it from mixing all day), the Yeast reproduce in mass quantities. In the video about two minutes in, shows them rapidly multiplying. That quick time lapse is actually about seven minutes in real time. Talk about watching paint dry. Here’s a shot of the Yeast multiplying in the pot waiting to be dumped in.

Bourbon Yeast

Once the Yeast have multiplied for awhile and almost fill the big pot we warmed them in, we dump it into our mash tank that’s sitting at about 70 degrees. From there, our Yeast will continue to multiply for a time being. Eventually when the Yeast run out of air, they will stop reproducing, and focus on staying alive. Instead of using oxygen, they will look to find a source of sugar. Remember us breaking down the carbs into sugar earlier? This is where they get important. The Yeast will start to eat the sugar and as byproducts will release Carbon Dioxide and Ethanol. So when you see our mash tanks bubble up, that’s a sign of happy Yeast eating sugar and producing alcohol.

Fermenting Bourbon Mash

Eventually over a few days, there won’t be any sugar left in the tank and we will be left with a tank full of water, yeast, and alcohol. This mixture is known as distillers beer from this point forward. It’s essentially a young Whiskey that tastes almost like a beer. From here we’ve reached the halfway point, and we’ll continue next week to show you the final steps to make Bourbon. From here out it’s a pretty simple and straightforward process, and mainly involves time, and a good deal of patience. Stay tuned for next week, when we finish this segment on how we distill our Bourbon and turn it into the award winning product you and I enjoy today.

Dayton Chamber of Commerce Event

Dayton Chamber of Commerce Event

Behind The Scenes Event with The Dayton Chamber of Commerce

First off, thank you to the Dayton Chamber of Commerce for coming out to support us and learn about all of the exciting products we’re producing right here in Fairborn. Getting to meet and talk with other local business owners and managers and create successful partnerships will only strengthen what we’re able to do here for everyone in Dayton.

As part of the Chamber’s “Behind the Scenes” events, we brought several of Dayton’s businesses over to our Distillery to talk a little about ourselves and show them how we create our award winning spirits. Starting off the event we made a few of our favorite drinks and a few new ones. My personal favorite we were able to share with our Spiced Rum drinkers is called a Dark and Stormy. This classic 1920’s drink was created in Bermuda, and eventually swept over the rest of the world as an instant favorite. In today’s simple Rum & Coke and Daiquiri populated market, this drink still stands the test of time. Compared to most other Rum drinks, it provides a way different flavor and experience most other Rum Drinks don’t bring to the table, er palate rather.

If you haven’t had one, I would highly recommend it next time you’re out enjoying drinks with friends. Here’s a few simple steps to make it yourself:

Dark and Stormy

  • 2 Ounces of Stillwrights Spiced Rum
  • Half of a fresh lime squeezed (or around 1 ounce of Lime Juice)
  • Shake and chill these two ingredients
  • Pour into a glass of your choice and top off with a few ounces of Ginger Beer (usually enough to float the ice)

After a first round of cocktails and introductions all attendees got a chance to walk around our facility. From Corn to Cask, our guests got to learn how to make Bourbon from scratch. Walking around with the group, it’s always amazing to see people’s reactions when they finally see how we bring hand crafted spirits to life. Every time the reaction is practically the same; they can’t believe this is being made in Fairborn, Ohio.

Here’s a few pictures of the Distillery Tour:

Once the tour was over, it was time to enjoy a few more custom cocktails and a few hors d’oeuvres. Pulled Pork and Bourbon go hand in hand just perfectly! One fun fact, by the end of the night I did a tally of what drinks were the most popular among the crowd. Even with having my favorite Rum drinks on the menu, the Booze Traveler still won as the most popular drink we served all night. Our bottle of Peach Cobbler moonshine only has a few drops left in it once the event finished. Everyone apparently loves that drink, for the third event in a row, it comes out right on top.

In closing I’d like to again personally thank everyone who came out to support us and learn more about what we do. It’s always a pleasure for us to share what we do best with our guests, and hope all of you had as much fun as we did. We’re very proud to be part of such an amazing coalition and look forward to seeing all of you at the next Chamber of Commerce event. Going forward we cant wait to work together to develop and improve the greater Dayton area. Exciting times are ahead for sure!