How can you really describe taste? Tasting notes and comparisons are one thing but to really know how something tastes, you have to experience all aspects of that thing. From the look and the smell, to the way that very first sip makes you feel. We invite you to take part in the pure visceral experience that is Stillwrights Bourbon.

Stillwrights Bourbon is a wheated bourbon that will mature and evolve over the coming years. The local grain is ground, cooked, fermented, distilled and double distilled right here at Flat Rock Spirits Distillery. Then the barreling happens. And we patiently wait for the mixture of oak, char and raw Bourbon Whiskey to mellow. We then empty the barrels, lower the proof to 90 by diluting with reverse osmosis water, bottle it, label it, case it and ship it out to get into your greedy little hands.

Stillwrights Ohio Bourbon

Stillwrights Bourbon Awarded Gold Medal by American Craft Spirits Association

Stillwrights Straight Bourbon Whiskey, an Ohio Bourbon, was awarded a Gold Medal at the event.

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Our 2 year old bourbon was aged in 15 gallon barrels. The smaller barrels expedite the extraction and aging process. After filling 15 gallon barrels for 1 year we advanced to 25 gallon barrels. By the time we bottle these 25 gallon barrels the bourbon will then be 3 years old. At this point we will notice a small change in the complexion of flavor. Same warm finish, just a bit deeper and oaky. Then after about 9 months of bottling from 25 gallon barrels we will graduate to our 4 year old bourbon from 53 gallon barrels. We hope you find the evolution of our bourbon to be as exciting as we do and look forward to your company along the way.

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American Bourbon Whiskey was created some time during the 18th century. We don’t know who created it and frankly we couldn’t give a hoot. All we know is how much we adore this pure American spirit. Nestled and aged in white oak barrels, Stillwrights Straight Bourbon Whiskey is liquid love infused with smokey, copper colored goodness.


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