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Made with the best, pure ingredients we could find, StillWrights Silver Rum, Spiced Rum and Bourbon Barrel Aged Rum are available at your local store.


Stillwrights Spiced Rum offers a smooth, mellow complexion and bright tropical tones making this rum a tasty treat of golden goodness.  Neat, on the rocks or with a twist, Stillwrights Rum brings a level of sophistication to any cocktail.


Stillwrights Bourbon Barrel Aged Rum puts a new twist on a traditional favorite. Additional aging in decanted bourbon barrels accentuates the smoothness of our rum by adding a hint of the slightly sweet, oakey goodness of our wheated straight bourbon whiskey. Find a bottle or two of this award winning spirit where you shop.


Stillwrights Silver Rum is a bright, clean rum for any occasion.  Our Silver Rum offers a smothness perfect for sipping, mojitos, daiquiris and other mixed drinks.  Check out the Recipes page and find your next favorite cocktail.

Stillwrights Silver Rum and Bourbon Barrel aged Rum were awarded bronze medals at the 2015 American Craft Spirits Association Judging Event.

stillwrights ohio bourbon and rumStillwrights also offers a line-up of 6 award winning handcrafted Moonshines and Stillwrights Spiced Rum as well. Ask for Stillwrights at your favorite liquor store.

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Stillwrights Rum Review

from Doctor Devarious

So, I’ve reviewed several flavored award wining Moonshines, time to go down a different path. Today I pull out a bottle of Stillwrights award winning Spiced Rum. Bit of spice, lots of sweet vanilla taste, all at a working man’s price. Watch the video to learn more!


Rum is arguably the world’s oldest fermented drink. It’s predecessor, made from sugarcane, dates back thousands of years to ancient Asia. Recorded accounts of cultures curating rum span continents and centuries.  And then there’s that pirate affiliation. And who doesn’t like rum and pirates? Either way, raise your glass to those who came before us, who apparently knew what they were doing by creating yummy yummy rum.


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